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Studio Promo

Luigino D'Andrea is a composer of music for film, media and events. Specialising in the world of fashion, he has worked on various large-scale productions as principal composer, creating beautiful and memorable soundtracks that capture the essence of each story.

Luigino has composed bespoke scores for designers featured on London's prestigious Fashion Week, as well as soundtracks for various salon shows and catwalks at some of London's most renowned venues.

Select pieces of his orchestral work have been selected to be performed and recorded live in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Whether it be on the runway, phone or TV screen, Luigino continues to achieve new heights in immersive music; with his compositions often being praised for their ability to enhance the mood of any creative work they accompany.


It is this ability that has made Luigino a go-to composer for clients looking to captivate their audience and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

He is currently available for commissions.

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